Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coffee Time @ 1Cafe

Why Coffee Time? I think this the most relax that i attend. Not in term of gig but the rest of my life. Almost 2 years Metal gig choose 1 Cafe but the sound system remain the same. i did not know either 1 cafe own the sound system or organizer take from outside. But the question is they should improve on sound system. This will make our metal scene get some respect.

Second, our punctual. may be it is too late if gig ended on midnight. and it is going for along time ago, i did not too sure why it happen? may be because of the band itself, the main thing is discipline. how should organizer handle the time management.
Latest gig happen with thumbs up where by the mighty metal band; Blackfire came along from Perlis to performed for Vokill 2010. i think this is the most hight light band,
the legend, after 20 years old Blackfire agreed to performed with original line up on Vox by Mr. Azmi. Azmi called
line on that gig as a Azmi and the Gang which is Joe Slaughter (gitar), Rammy Kemenyan Zine, The Ra
ven (guitar), Syed (Bass) and 2 of Azmi's son on guitar and drum. They playing well even those not with original line up. some crowd being crazy with their drink. watch your step guys!!!

The band doing well with Farasu, Hayagriva, Nefarious Azarak, SYJ and etc...