Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changing My Life

After a few month i did not make any entries on this blog, now i wake up and smell a nice coffee. It is time for me to change. What do u mean by changes? In what condition? Is it valuable?

According to the BrainyQuote Change can defined as a To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance. Every person able to change, but the question is, are u willing to change it.

Why i pick this issues. The reason why is the answer for everything that fly in my brain. Now, i learned how to using public transport going to workplace every day even those I already have my own transport and it follows why i'm using public transport.

Whatever the answer is, it must be followed by the evidence and development. I choose to changed because i feel empty in my life and i must do something there for change is important to build up the way human think.

My tutor always ask me to going back home using the different ways frequently. it might change how u think and for sure is the way u solve the problem and thinking out of box. i am person is "tegar" with metal song, but now days i choose to listen variety from good music. this will effect my incentive to change.

Metallica also change their direction of music because they want to build their mind and play with experimental in music. the age also change from year to year generally, and this is one of the reason me to change to the good manners.

It is related with Malaysia Metal Scene today, a lot of band did not carried their long hair, horror cloth, corpse paint and etc. but the way they express their feeling into music element. this is different compare to early 90s. all headbangers will dress black cloth, boots, long hair and carried walkmen.

Day by day we all going to die and now it is time for us to change. For me i love metal music and the way i express my filling may be did not follow the rules which the way i dress but this is i am, and underground principle is doing that are u thinking that u wanna to do.

If we still carried the old step, it begin to root your soul........So......changed..
I like to composed a song Change my soul......