Monday, March 15, 2010

Did Our Local Metal Music Achieve Our Satisfaction?

We already know and listen with the old school band such as Silent Death, Sil Khannaz, Senseless, Kremation etc. but do we ask our self, deep from our soul, why new comers especially for Metal Music, there only a little that we can listen and capable to buy our soul.

Is it because there are not talented at all or we as followers still can’t accept new comers?

Whatever the answers, I decide to discuss on this. I can list down several new comers that potentially growth in our industry. Probably they have they did not make a positive relationship with the industry itself.

We can see a lot of the 1st generation metal band such as Silent Death, Langsuyr, Sil-Khannaz, Vociferation Eternity, Atotorgh and etc have a good relationship each other even they fight sometimes. Same with the Serawakian scene, they have their own community to share their interest and idea. Previously, the internet usage is not the main channel for Metallers. On weekend, they will hang out and chill together. I am not the right person to tell the whole history of Ipoh Metal Militant. But everybody knows how tight they are.

It is not only we unite on gig but more than that. Distributors, band, production house and media must have a closed relationship and commitment more than actual. It is important to get systematic chain between each party.

As we can see, it is too little band growth healthy in our scene. You can count it using your hand. I agree if you say there is a lot band now days. But is it the band tuff enough? The song that they compose did not have a good element to remember.

Psychic Scream Prod and Nebuila Production have a full of commitment. That why the entire album that they released is counted by listeners. But today, it is quick difficult to see that. May be our industry must do some research and development on the weaknesses.