Monday, May 25, 2009

Kataha..Kedah Metal Sence

Hahahahahahaha...they Back!!!!!They will crush the metal industries in a minutes...
Damaq, Graveless aka Dawn Phenomenon...and Dreaded aka Tantrum. Come and join us dancing with the fire b
reathed. Carcass...The sence might crash the Alor staq.

And me...what the rel
ation between me and Kedah Sence? Nothing but I grown with Kataha Sence. Farious n Wan Dreaded, Zam, Lie Bonjo n for sure is Carcass Satanic. Even the musi
c in Kedah silence of a moment...may be around 2001 after Black Metall issue released in press (crap man!!! - ed), a lot of them remains silence incl
uding Herriot. Herriot i
s a band most successfull and talented. A lot positive comment from zine had been received by them. Anyway, Kedah sence is small if compare to the Penang. When the independent day coming up, a lot of followers over there will united in Penang (Padang Kota Lama Rules!!!!)

So what can i say..waiting for a long time will be repay by the reborn from nothern sky!!!!!