Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coffee Time @ 1Cafe

Why Coffee Time? I think this the most relax that i attend. Not in term of gig but the rest of my life. Almost 2 years Metal gig choose 1 Cafe but the sound system remain the same. i did not know either 1 cafe own the sound system or organizer take from outside. But the question is they should improve on sound system. This will make our metal scene get some respect.

Second, our punctual. may be it is too late if gig ended on midnight. and it is going for along time ago, i did not too sure why it happen? may be because of the band itself, the main thing is discipline. how should organizer handle the time management.
Latest gig happen with thumbs up where by the mighty metal band; Blackfire came along from Perlis to performed for Vokill 2010. i think this is the most hight light band,
the legend, after 20 years old Blackfire agreed to performed with original line up on Vox by Mr. Azmi. Azmi called
line on that gig as a Azmi and the Gang which is Joe Slaughter (gitar), Rammy Kemenyan Zine, The Ra
ven (guitar), Syed (Bass) and 2 of Azmi's son on guitar and drum. They playing well even those not with original line up. some crowd being crazy with their drink. watch your step guys!!!

The band doing well with Farasu, Hayagriva, Nefarious Azarak, SYJ and etc...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Karl Cromok Showcase

Awesome!!! that's all i can say for both of it.
Karl Cromok appears for his 1st concert after 15 years, very talented and intelligent. Malaysian should know one of the metal pioneer in Malaysia. the best thing is Australian know them since they are student over there. For me the strong element Cromok is guitar by Karl, and when he decide to quick, cromok already gone even those the new album is still released.

The showcase consist 4 part and it begin around 5 pm, 25 April 2010 (even on flyers should start on 4pm). Start with learning session, Karl Cromok shared knowledge that he know and how he played, composed cromok's song. He look smart with tee the Inspiring Moment With Karl Cromok. last part for showcase is jamming session. most of the band member from humiliation and ex Nrocinu, Tight for Cromok song, this is a reason why Karl Cromok decide to make comeback. Without band members, may be no Karl Cromok on that day (Credit to all band members especially Mr. Af'fan coz still can sing walaupun suara hilang. hahahahah).

I can't forget is he still can play same as the album. the solo 98% remain same dude with additional solo. can u imagine. if u r talking about international band, it is ok but for me not for local band. just imagine when Mr. Af'fan (Humiliation) announce to play new song and the atmosphere start with the drum beat and followed by guitar solo, it is wonderful man!!!! after a moment Karl start play the intro solo for misty. hell yeah!!!! credit bro!!!

Band play 9 song from Image Of Purity (Misty and Unicorn), Forever In Time (Another you, memories, I Don't Belong Here and the others) and last album for Karl, Yours Truly (Little One and Stranger).

Personally Karl is motivated person and committed person. He mention that if back up musician can't play tight he wont performed and Inspiring Moment With Karl Cromok Showcase did not exist. Same as earlier wheh he joined Cromok @ Australia. Among the gig i went before, this is the best sound system, may be it because of one band performed so than they can set up very well.

the showcase end with photograph and autograph session. may be it will be a part of our metal history and it already documented it into DVD.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Did Our Local Metal Music Achieve Our Satisfaction?

We already know and listen with the old school band such as Silent Death, Sil Khannaz, Senseless, Kremation etc. but do we ask our self, deep from our soul, why new comers especially for Metal Music, there only a little that we can listen and capable to buy our soul.

Is it because there are not talented at all or we as followers still can’t accept new comers?

Whatever the answers, I decide to discuss on this. I can list down several new comers that potentially growth in our industry. Probably they have they did not make a positive relationship with the industry itself.

We can see a lot of the 1st generation metal band such as Silent Death, Langsuyr, Sil-Khannaz, Vociferation Eternity, Atotorgh and etc have a good relationship each other even they fight sometimes. Same with the Serawakian scene, they have their own community to share their interest and idea. Previously, the internet usage is not the main channel for Metallers. On weekend, they will hang out and chill together. I am not the right person to tell the whole history of Ipoh Metal Militant. But everybody knows how tight they are.

It is not only we unite on gig but more than that. Distributors, band, production house and media must have a closed relationship and commitment more than actual. It is important to get systematic chain between each party.

As we can see, it is too little band growth healthy in our scene. You can count it using your hand. I agree if you say there is a lot band now days. But is it the band tuff enough? The song that they compose did not have a good element to remember.

Psychic Scream Prod and Nebuila Production have a full of commitment. That why the entire album that they released is counted by listeners. But today, it is quick difficult to see that. May be our industry must do some research and development on the weaknesses.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silent Death Arise @ One Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

Tiada kata yang dapat diterjemahkan tatkala Silent Death kembali menjayakan gig sulung setelah sekian lama menyepi tanpa berita. rilisan terakhir yang terlah di keluarkan adalah kompilasi.
Nantikan ulasan gig yang akan dikeluarkan khas untuk SILENT DEATHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dimmu Borgir: New Album 'Will Sound Absolutely Massive And Heavy, Dark And Epic!'

Dimmu Borgir already wearing a big gear for next albums without original basist; vortex and Mustis cause of some issue. Thank you to the ultimate guitar for the informations. for more news, just click at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/upcoming_releases/dimmu_borgir_new_album_will_sound_absolutely_massive_and_heavy_dark_and_epic.html

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changing My Life

After a few month i did not make any entries on this blog, now i wake up and smell a nice coffee. It is time for me to change. What do u mean by changes? In what condition? Is it valuable?

According to the BrainyQuote Change can defined as a To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance. Every person able to change, but the question is, are u willing to change it.

Why i pick this issues. The reason why is the answer for everything that fly in my brain. Now, i learned how to using public transport going to workplace every day even those I already have my own transport and it follows why i'm using public transport.

Whatever the answer is, it must be followed by the evidence and development. I choose to changed because i feel empty in my life and i must do something there for change is important to build up the way human think.

My tutor always ask me to going back home using the different ways frequently. it might change how u think and for sure is the way u solve the problem and thinking out of box. i am person is "tegar" with metal song, but now days i choose to listen variety from good music. this will effect my incentive to change.

Metallica also change their direction of music because they want to build their mind and play with experimental in music. the age also change from year to year generally, and this is one of the reason me to change to the good manners.

It is related with Malaysia Metal Scene today, a lot of band did not carried their long hair, horror cloth, corpse paint and etc. but the way they express their feeling into music element. this is different compare to early 90s. all headbangers will dress black cloth, boots, long hair and carried walkmen.

Day by day we all going to die and now it is time for us to change. For me i love metal music and the way i express my filling may be did not follow the rules which the way i dress but this is i am, and underground principle is doing that are u thinking that u wanna to do.

If we still carried the old step, it begin to root your soul........So......changed..
I like to composed a song Change my soul......

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kremation...The Voice Arise II

Kremation bukanlah satu nama asing bagi peminat deatrh metal tanahair mahupun antarabangsa. band yang ditubuhkan pada 1992 ini telah diasaskan oleh empat anak muda kelahiran Bumi Kenyalang. Ahli-ahlinya terdiri daripada Amir (G/V), Nasheir (B), Bend (D), dan Norman (G). Walaubagaimanapun penyertaan Bend dan Norman bersama Kremation hanya beberapa bulan sahaja disebabkan masalah peribadi yang mana kemudiannya diambil alih oleh Norden (D) dan Sam Burn (G).

Pada tahun 1995, mereka megeluarkan 'promotape' dan kerap mengadakan show bersama band-band seperjuangan seperti Verdqah, Infernal, Worship, Larrong, Nesferator, dan lain-lain lagi yang mana julung kalinya dianjurkan oleh pihak-pihak studio dan label-label underground seperti Menjrex Nerto Production yang sedikit sebanyak telah membantu dalam membangunkan sence metal di Serawak. Di penghujung tahun yang sama, Anir telah mengambil keputusan untuk menarik diri atas alasan ingin menumpukan perhatiannya pada pelajaran dan kemudiannya diikuti oleh Norden. Dengan itu, ahli yang tinggal hanyalah San Burn (G/V) dan Nasth Sheir (B/V). Maka sekali lagi mereka berhadapan dengan masalah line-up sehingga segala aktiviti yang membabitkan Kremation terhenti seketika dan mula menyepikan diri. Namun demikian, ia tidak sekali-kali melunturkan semangat kedua anak muda ini dalam meneruskan perjuangan mereka atas nama KREMATION.

Setelah hampir dua tahun menyepi, akhirnya Nasth dan Sam Burn telah mengambil keputusan untuk mengeluarkan 'promotape 97' yang menyusul pada tahun 1997 dan mendapat sambutan yang begitu menggalakkan terutama dari kalangan pengikut setia mereka. Pada masa yang sama juga mereka telah memperlawa Rithman untuk menyertai Kremation sebagai pemain guitar utama.

Kemudiannya, pada pertengahan tahun 1999 mini album telah diterbitkan oleh Nebuila Production manakala Ponnycanyon (M) telah bertindak sebagai wakil pengedar di seluruh negara. Apa yang paling
membanggakan mereka mini album tersebut telah mendapat perhatian daripada para peminat muzik irama berat di France dan Australia sejak lagu-lagu mereka diputarkan di station radio di sana. malah mini album tersebut juga telah mendapat liputan yang menarik di magazine-
magazine underground tanahair mahupun antarabangsa sehingga digelar 'Raja Death Metal Bumi Kenyalang'.

Justeru itu, pada tahun 2000 sekali lagi mereka telah muncul dengan album terbaru yang di beri judul The Curse Of Headhuntr dan telah berada dipasaran. Apa yang menarik tentang album yang dirakamkan di Lelengau Digital Studio ini terdapat sebuah lagu yang menyelitkan alat tradisional Serawak iaitu Sape selain Gong dan Engkrumong. Album tersebut merupakan kesinambungan bagi mini album - REBORN, cuma perbezaannya adalah kali ini mereka ingin mengajak pendengar meneroka alam fantasi dan misteri kisah-kisah tanah tumpah darah mereka iaitu Serawak. Tidah ketinggalan juga terselit beberapa lagu yang berunsurkan ketuhanan.

North Poem Records, salah sebuah label underground dari utara Semenanjung Malaysia yang banyak mencungkil bakat-bakat band baru serta mempunyai potensi untuk maju kehadapan khususnya irama berat telah diberi kepercayaan untuk menerbitkan album Kremation.

Bagi proses rakaman album kali ini hanya membabitkan dua orang anggota tetap Kremation iaitu San Burns dan Nasth Sheir sahaja. Ritman (G/K) tidak dapat bersama sebab beliau masih terikat dengan kontrak bermain di kelab-kelab malam sekitar Kuala Lumpur bersama kumpulan X-Ample. Walau bagaimanapun Kremation telah mengundang seorang pemain gitar jemputan iaitu Weast bagi menggantikan posisi Rithman buat sementara waktu dan membantu dalam menjayakan lagi rakaman tersebut.

Kremation terdiri daripada:
Ritman - Gitar
San Burns - Guitar / Vocal
Nasth Sheir - Bass / Backing Vocal

Promotape 95
Promotape 97
EP - Reborn
LP - The Curse Of HeadHunter

(article by Kremation)

that's the bio of Kremation. this article being for a long long time a go.....but for me it still relevan.
For thos who did not know Kremation, this is some knowledge for us to share. this interview already done on The Curse Of HeadHunter album. So.....

The Curse Of HeadHunter of Head Hunter already at the market, but faced the time roblem where it scheduled to released early than this...so why it became late...
Kremation: Album ini bukan bertajuk The Curse Of HeadHunter tetapi 'HeadHunter Revenge". Tajuknya telah ditukar pada saat-saat akhir dan sudahpun berada di pasaran sejak disember 2000. Faktor utama yang meyebabkannya lambat release ialah kerana MASA, kami agak
'tight'. Masing-masing terikat dengan jadual kerja/karier yang agak ketat. So, rakaman selalunya hanya akan bersambung sekiranya kami ada masa lapang sahaja dan sudah pasti keadaan ini mempengaruhi proses rakaman.

Kremation song mix with element of Serawak's tradisional for this album Headhunter ...do you thnk it is as a step on build Kremation identities?
Kremation: Sebabnya kerana kami sukakan alat muzik tersebut terutamanya 'Sape' iaitu sejenis alat muzik traditional Serawak yang pernah menjadi bahan hiburan nenk moyang kita sebelum adanya gitar, piano dan drum di tanah Serawak ni suatu masa dahulu. So....kamipun rakamkan satu lagu instrumental dengan menggunakan kesemua alat muzik tradisional. Ni kira tribute to them lah.....hahahahaha...Kesian depa...letihletih cipta alat muzik tapi tak dak sapa nak bagi 'penghargaan'. Maka adalah tanggungjawab kita sebagai generasi baru menjadi pelapis untuk menjaga dan mempertahankannya daripada luput ditelan zaman. Takkan nak guna alat muzik omputeh je kan?......Sesekali tu....giliran kita pula introduce alat muzik 'klasik' tanahair kita ke negara luar. Sambil berhibur kita gunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk mempromosikan tanahhair kita.

As a Serawakian that already success, can you tell us regarding sence and acceptable Underground sence for kind music such as Metal and are you guy frequently plays gig?
Kremation: Kami diberitahu oleh Mr. Jimmy of Muzik Trak yang selling kami punya Split Ep Kremation agak memberansangkan jika dibandingkan dengan band-band lain....Alhamdulillah....gig?????...Sekarang kami jarang main gig sebab sibuk dengan tugas masing-masing. Apapun...kami mungkin akan join gig yang akan diadakan pada bulan Mei (Sibu) dan Jun (Kuching)...kami diberitahu promoter bahawa Tasyim juga akan turut sama berkongsi satu pentas nanti...

a band that plays metal music with speed and heavy element. It kind a different with other local band in Malaysia..and it will be my best playlist that i never have......Last nit least thanx for KREMATION for answering the questions.