Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gig "Teroka Minda" organized by Nem

Bukit Mertajam, April 04 2009 - Gig Teroka Minda had been done. A lot of band involved such as Sil khannaz, Brain Dead, Dreaded, Samartary and etc. Actually NEM is one of my fellow since i'm in Penang. His one of my line up for Necronamvela on vocalist. Yesterday, i had called him regarding this gig. Eventhose i wanna go to this "Teroka Minda" gig, but i have to work....(stress working on weekend). First question i'm ask him is, "how's the gig goes?", And he said, lack of promotion. So the result is low numbers of crowd. But the band such as Sil Khannaz and others give a lot of support. The band boy ask him to organized another gig but try to decreased the band member. And i really agreed about that. I ask him maybe 5 to 6 is much more better to organized a gig because it give some space to crowd to focus on band.I suggest maybe I and NEM will collaborate to organized a metal fest (maybe - ed) one day. It is not about the profit actually, but some satisfaction to see the metal industries being more happening like a year before issue "Black Metal" faced in our country.

For me, band played a big role to attract more crowd and promotion must be strong. and to NEM, maybe one day we can sit together, ad talk about this matters deeply. Hail NEM!!!!!!
Seig Hail!!!!!